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Laura Chantal Scarafia


Ancuta and Valter are just amazing at creating these mandalas.

Their art emanates pure and immense energy. I will always recommend them!

February 18, 2023

Laura Chantal Scarafia


Ancuta and Valter are just amazing at creating these mandalas.

Their art emanates pure and immense energy. I will always recommend them!

February 18, 2023

Bianca Boboc


Good evening, I also want to confess that since I started buying the first mandala I have felt immense joy .... something more than when you buy an expensive jewel from the shops, the mandalas sincerely put their hand on my heart they have brought joy to 'soul, color, even a lot of color in my life, and I look fondly in the mirror, I like myself, they have also brought me a lot of awareness and the list goes on, I recommend them live.

November 3rd 2022

Iuliana Ghiban

If you also want magic at home, if you also want to have an energy full of high vibrations at home, or simply want a change from you, I invite you to come with Ancu îna Ancu ta Lalau and Valter Giraudi creators of mandalas . Ancu IVa is a beautiful soul, she has magic hands full of CREATIVITY. What his soul can create through these mandalas is divine, words are not enough. I already have several mandalas taken from her and my life has started to change, I have lived unique moments with these mandalas... and this is just the beginning of my journey... Anchorage is a living art. I could write pages in poems... but as they say then where's the magic? "

November 1st 2022

Monia Piccioni


The candle holders, the Mandalas, the Sry Yantra to work on abundance vibrate with light and energy in my home.

Ancutza's unique and wonderful works...

May 19th 2022

Stephanie Marie Backuf

Highly recommended! I love what I ordered!! I am so happy to have stumbled upon the amazing work of Floral Mandala made with love and intention!! I ordered from the US and the entire experience with Ancutza was very pleasant from the first interactions until I received my package! I look forward to future orders

April 5th 2022

Katia Wiesner-Huskic


Ancutza handmade mandalas are pure energy of well-being.

April 2nd 2022

Claudia Ferlander


Heartfelt thanks Ancuta,

For the work done, for your skill!

You are special, I was moved by seeing the video and the photos of the mandala of my soul... I burst into tears..   And I felt intense chills,

And fragments of distant memories....

You managed to touch my heart.

I gladly gave myself this gift and I'm happy about it.. I thank God for having you in my path!

Thank you! ! I Love You

February 16th 2022

Letizia Colombo


I asked Ancuta for a channeled mandala because the desire to receive it was irrepressible, my soul needed it.

I can safely say that it is not a simple painting, but an experience. There is painstaking work behind it on both sides. Ancuta has the arduous task of interpreting a soul with its energy and a thousand facets and putting it on canvas, we have the task of opening the door of the heart and allowing ourselves to end up among her brushes and in her colors. A team game that creates something unique in the world. Give yourself this immense gift, trust her. Furthermore, professionalism and punctuality are guaranteed!

February 15th 2022

Sviatlana Trotskaya

It's not just a painting, it's something alive that vibrates, speaks to you and amazes you every time you look at it!!! It's yours alone and it's unique, it's your soul that has visualized itself with the help of Acuta's deep sensitivity that immediately connects with you. It's real magic. If you don't believe us, try it yourself!!! I am happy to have known you Acuta, you have brought so much light into my life. Thank you with all my heart

October 22nd 2021

Anna Spensatello

I want to thank Ancuta for introducing me to the Tibetan mandala, I fell in love with it and bought it together with the sacred geometry symbol that I gave to my husband. What can I say, she is very good, she transmits an energy of light.

Today they arrived and my husband and I wore them, crazy energy... Graxie thanks thanks...

I advise everyone to buy her mandalas and to experience the vibrations she gives off on their own skin .. Thanks Ancuta!


September 20th 2021

Alessandra Bertozzi


Ancuta puts a lot of care and attention into her creations, before, during and after!!

Thank you for reminding me of the colors that exist within me.

May 7th 2021

Nadia Catalano


Ancuta Lalau is an artist of the heart, gifted with incredible sensitivity and skill!

She is able to connect with your soul, she is able to perceive it in its authenticity, giving it shapes, colors, energies... Doing this journey of self-discovery with her was a wonderful experience that has certainly enriched me and made me more aware. Infinitely grateful!


8 Marzo 2021

Loredana Fadda


My mandala with Ancuta was a journey inside an indefinite starry space, which moved between us, with the same power of a waterfall from the top of a mountain, with the same sweetness of a drop of dew when glides from one drop to another.

Thank you for your sensitivity and care in leading me along the road to awareness of each color.

An experience to live without brakes, thanks Ancuta for this strong mix of emotions.

Thanks to Anna Perruzzo for allowing me to have such a unique experience!

February 22nd 2021

Ilaria Cantele


It was beautiful and exciting to receive and wear the mandala created for me... The energy it creates can be savored from the first moment... Very very very grateful... And it is  beautiful... Many thanks again

February 19th 2019

Francesca Cristofori


I want to thank Ancuta Lalau, a very special person!

Through her psychic ability, combined with her natural talent, she has given life to this small and precious work of art, executed with attention to detail.

I wear it day and night because I feel it enhances communication, allowing me to express only what is actually my heart feeling.

I wish everyone to open up to life and to others, in a transparent and sincere way.

Thank you infinitely!

February 1st 2021

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