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Mandala Handmade

Our Artisan Creations

What do we create?

Our creationsthey are unique artifacts e include a large variety of items, from wearable jewels such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and amulets, made entirely of painted wood and finished with a resin that gives it shine and protection and makes them easily washable, candles with which we bring the light and chromotherapy of the mandalas into your homes, made of stone.

Finally, we also create paintings in which we represent mandalas or very powerful symbols of Sacred Geometry such as the Chakras, Metatron's Cube or the Flower of Life, real symbols of healing.


Healing occurs when our vibrational field aligns with our Higher Self, the more aligned we are with our Higher Self the more our chakras are aligned and cleansed and the better we are. 

Most of humanity is not aligned, or rather it is not centered, it is not rooted, and all this leads to disturbances that in the long run can lead to problems such as anxiety, stress and depression.

Each of our creations is ideal for those who simply want to wear or have an aesthetically impactful object and for those who want to go deep inside themselves, to understand many inner dynamics, and get to feel better, because mandalas can help us a lot if we know how to make the best use of them, if we know how to trust them and if we know how to be patient.

But now let's see in detail what we do

Butnow let's see in detail what we do

purezza dell'anima



Why wear a MANDALA?

  • because they recharge you when you're tired

  • because they are beautiful and original

  • because they are handmade cono passion

  • because they help you convert negative energy into positive energy

  • because they are easy to wear everywhere in so many occasions (office work, medicine, party, meditation)

  • because they give you LIGHT

  • because sleeping parts of you wake you up

  • because they are sacred forms

  • because if you see it, it's calling you

  • because you deserve it


Energia Positiva


A channeled Mandala in my vision means a door that is open from both sides, by the client and by the artist.

It is important to remove any hand of prejudice, any form of control, any form of skepticism, and any other fears that block the energy on both sides.

I, as an Artist, have the duty and the obligation not to judge anything by what I will feel and to distinguish between my needs, fears and desires, the client's needs, fears and desires.

This is possible if the artist is a true spiritual artist.

A channeled mandala can only be created if the client or client asks me and really wants to see what will come out in her mandala and not through intermediaries (I don't create channeled mandalas to give away), I can customize them but I will never get rid of them. That is why the person in question must ask for a mandala.

A channeled mandala requires inner preparation on both sides and after the mandala is practically completed my life and that of the recipient of the mandala will be more energetically rich, free from fears and mental patterns and more directed towards our essence.


If you feel a calling towards a Channeled Mandala, write me privatelyand you will receive all the information you need.

porta candele mandala


candele profumate


Natural candles, why choose them

Traditional mold candles are made with paraffin, a material that is obtained directly from petroleum.

Vegetable candles, often also called vegan candles, are instead made with 100% natural materials such as beeswax or soy wax. Paraffin-free candles, precisely because they only use natural materials, cannot harm your health.

They are non-toxic candles therefore, which do not pollute residential environments in any way. Indeed, not everyone knows that they even allow you to purify the air.

Without forgetting that the scent of natural candles is tastier, fuller, more intense, more relaxing. The best scented natural candles even have a wick made of 100% natural fibers, another detail that should not be underestimated.

They create atmosphere, perfume the rooms of the house and furnish, but do we know how to choose them well? Candles, of different shapes, colors and scents, can be very toxic. The first thing to consider when buying candles is the type of wax used.

Pay attention to the price: the less expensive candles, usually made of paraffin, burn faster, giving less light than similar but more expensive candles, such as beeswax, and above all they also release more toxins into the air.

We have created Natural candles for you with SOY WAX AND natural scented essential oils.

For more information on our creations and to have the object that resonates with you, please visit our online shop.

We inform you that  our creations are unique objects therefore the images are for demonstration purposes. 

We are available to create customized products for our customers.


IMPORTANT: before proceeding with your orders, we invite you to view the "shipping info" below each item. Thank you
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