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Per ordini di minimo 199 Euro spedizione gratuita in Italia
Per ordini di minimo 349 Euro spedizione gratuita in Europa e nel mondo

Know yourself through mandalas

 For you who feel attracted to beautiful energies, for you who trust the Universe, for you who know that nothing happens by chance.
Soul reading allows us to materialize your colors, vibrations and geometric shapes in the form of a mandala.
Mandalas are representations of the cosmos that we know here in the West in the form of drawings, but which Tibetan monks make with very fine colored sand. They are representations of the universe, but also of our inner world.
Let's think of white, connected to the divine, to the transcendent, to intuition. Or to red, linked to courage, and again black, which signals a necessary phase of reflection. 
Mandala means circle in Sanskrit and it is no coincidence. In fact, they are believed to be representations of the cosmos, the term derives from “Manda, which means “essence” and “la”, a suffix which indicates a “container”, so literally the meaning could be “container of the essence”. The circle shape, apart from the link with the cosmos, is also full of symbols because it indicates unity, the connection between what is in the center and what is peripheral.

Having our Mandala created with Love by our hands, is like a reunion of oneself, a RE-CONNECTION with your Divine part.

You can choose an already created Mandala available in our shop, you can order a specific, personalized mandala or you can have a SPECIAL CANALIZED mandala FOR YOU.

With gratitude
☆ Ancuța and Valter ☆

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