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You have probably already heard of chakras at least once in your life.

The 7 chakras are in fact one of the cornerstones in the philosophy of yoga, since they are very important energy centers present in our body

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel, disc or circle. Chakras are described as vortexes of energy that are found along an energy pathway that runs through the spinal column.  These are points of collection and transformation of prana, the vital energy, and have the task of absorbing this energy and distributing it among the many functions that allow us to live.

We get to count up to 114 different chakras, but of these 7 are the main ones, and they are the ones we refer to most of the time when we talk about them. These 7 chakras are distributed along the spine, from the base of the tailbone to the top of the head.

Even if we have given them a specific location, the chakras are not part of our physical body but of our subtle body, that is, that body made up of infinite energy structures, energy movements, shapes and colors that also influence our physical body.

Before anything takes shape on the physical plane it exists as energy, and this is why knowledge of the chakras can be very helpful in working with well-being, balance and health as well. By learning to stimulate them we improve their state and maintain a good quality of energy flowing through them into us.

The chakras are represented  with closed, semi-closed or open lotus flowers with different numbers of petals and for this reason they are sometimes also called Padma, which means "lotus". The petals of these flowers represent the Nadi, i.e. the energy channels through which the chakras can receive and distribute energy, and then transfer it to the organs and systems of the body associated with the chakra itself.

Each of these seven chakras has a number of petals, a name, a color, an element, a sound, a vibration, a specific area of the spine, and a consequent focus on one part of the body.


The chakras constitute a complex and ancient energy system that originated in India: the oldest text in which the 7 chakras are mentioned is the Kubjikāmata Tantra, an important document of Hindu culture, but they have also been mentioned in the Vedas, ancient sacred texts of spiritual knowledge dating back to 1500-1000 BC and have only recently become better known, with the growth in popularity of yoga.

So, long before modern science and technology, ancient cultures knew that all living beings carry with them a life force that moves within right through the chakras, and that this energy can be stimulated through the practice of yoga and meditation.

The tradition of the chakras has been handed down from generation to generation, through the written texts and the teachings of the masters to their disciples, to the point of becoming so fundamental in the philosophy and practice of yoga that it still reaches us today.


Chakras are energy centers that connect body, mind and spirit through energy.

When the chakras work harmoniously, energy can flow freely, bringing positive effects to both the body and the mind, for this reason it is very important that the chakras always remain in good working order. Soon I will also explain how to make this happen.


These energy centers have the task of receiving energy and redistributing it through the nadis, the channels connected to the spine which have the task of transporting energy in the dense body and in the subtle body.

Although we have said that the chakras are part of the subtle energy body, they are associated with specific systems of the body and can have an impact on the physical plane because their positions correspond to the large nerve plexuses and endocrine glands and the communication between brain and the endocrine system intensifies precisely in those parts of the body in correspondence with the chakras. Therefore, on a physical level the chakras correspond to the nerve plexuses and are responsible for the functioning of our organs.

On a subtle level, however, they correspond to the fundamental qualities for the harmonious development of the being. They represent the different evolutionary stages of the human being and their order is not accidental: they start from the more material to the more subtle to indicate a path that begins in matter to arrive, gradually, at a higher knowledge and awareness.

Working with the chakras basically consists of going through a whole series of steps and passages that will lead us to elevate ourselves.


Now that we have seen the basic information about the chakras, we can go into a little more detail. As we said there are seven main chakras and they are:

  • Muladhara – Earth or root chakra

  • Svadhisthana – Water or sacral chakra

  • Manipura – Fire or solar plexus chakra

  • Anahata – Heart Chakra

  • Visuddha – Purifying or throat chakra

  • Ajna – Chakra of light or third eye

  • Sahasrara – Crown Chakra

primo chakra - radice


Grounding - the Chakrto of the Earth

  • Where is it: perineum, coccige, base of spine

  • Element: earth

  • Main function: survival

  • Physical dysfunctions: leg problems, arthritis, sciatica, obesity, hemorrhoids and sciatica

  • Adrenal glands

  • Red

  • Sense: smell

  • Bija mantra: lam



The official name of the First Chakra, Muladhara, comes from the words "Mula", which means root, and "Dhara", which means support. The role of this chakra is, therefore, to connect all of your energy with the Earth.

When you think about your Root chakra, think about your daily survival on earth. The purpose of this energy center is to give you everything you need to survive. For us living in this modern age, this generally translates into financial and emotional security.

Position:Muladhara is located at the base of the spine, near the tailbone. Arrives just below the navel.
How to perceive the balance of this first chakra:when your first chakra is balanced, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and peace when thinking about things like money, security, and shelter. You will feel connected to your human experience.
When this chakra is overactive: Our root chakra is used a lot, so having an overactive root chakra is a very common thing.

When your Frfirst chakra is hyperactive


A chakra of the rOveractive index will cause anxiety and nervousness. Why? Well, this happens because fear is based on the need to survive. This is the role of fear – to keep us alive.
Thus, an overactive root chakra will try to forcefully send out signals calling for help to survive, even when there is no real threat on the horizon. Physically, you may have digestive problems, lower back problems, hip pain and ovarian cysts (in women), or prostate problems (in men).

How to balance your pfirst chakra

From a practical point of view, it is important to take care of your survival first. This chakra gives you the energy to do this, so use that energy to the best of your ability.
Calms the root chakra c
focusing on the ta connection with spirit. Take time each day to feed your soul by praying, meditating, or connecting with spirit guides.
Voluntary service and acts of kindness and compassion can guide overactive energy from the root chakra to other energy centers in your body.

When is your Frfirst chakra is inactive

If the aspects relating to the tIf your survival has generally been cured, this chakra may not have been very active in your lifetime. If so, you may experience frequent daydreaming, trouble concentrating, or simply feeling like your head is in the clouds. They might seem like minor consequences, but being balanced and connected is important.

Give energy to your pfirst chakra

If you find yourself disconnected from a material existence, your pfirst chakra may need to be strengthened. You can do this by reconnecting with the earth, reconciling with nature. Gardening, swimming, or even playing outside in the greenery can energize your root chakra.

secondo chakra sacrale


Sacral - theWater Chakra


  • Where it is: Sacral plexus

  • Element: water

  • Main function: procreation, genitals, pleasure, desire

  • Physical dysfunctions: stiffness in the lower back, bladder problems, uterine dysfunction, kidney disorders, frigidity and impotence

  • Glands: textscoliand ovaries

  • Orange colour

  • Sense: taste

  • Bija mantra: vam




The Second Chakra is the Sacral or Svadhishana chakra, which translates to “the place of self”.


This chakra is all about who you are as a human being and what you do with it. Of all 7 chakras, this one is responsible for creative energy, which helps you enrich your life. Your sacral chakra is the home of creative energy and life force, which help you enjoy life on Earth. It is the energy that motivates you to enjoy the fruits of your labor, including indulging in pleasurable activities such as sex and intimacy.

Position:the sacral chakra is located just below the navel and extends into its center.
How to perceive the balance of this second chakra:when your second chakra is balanced, you will be able to enjoy the pleasant things that life has to offer, without overdoing it. Sex, good food, and creative activities will be stimulating and enjoyable, and you will gain a sense of well-being and abundance from them.

When the ssecond chakra is hyperactive

The chakra sacral is often overactive when we face issues like addiction and gluttony. Pleasure is a good thing and you should never feel guilty when enjoying the good things life has to offer. However, if you find yourself benefiting from things that aren't nourishing or healthy for your soul, then your sacral chakra will likely become out of balance. Symptoms include addiction, obesity, hormonal imbalances and restlessness.

How to balance your ssecond chakra

To balance your second chakra it helps to draw energy from pleasure and from your heart. You can do this by asking yourself a simple question before every action you take – ask yourself, “Is what I'm about to do good for me? Is it healthy and nutritious? What are the benefits of the action I am about to take?” Taking time to consider whether the actions you take are wholesome is a great way to draw energy from this chakra.

When the Sacral Chakra is inactive

If you've spent a lot of time focusing on practical things without enjoying the fruits of your labor, your sacral chakra may be inactive. Among the symptoms we find: depression, impotence, reduced sexual desire and lack of passion and creativity.

How to energize your second chakra

Energizing your second chakra can be a lot of fun. In simple terms: enjoy life! Create a work of art. Eat a healthy and enjoyable snack. Make love to your partner. Take some time for yourself and enjoy the incredible gifts that the Earth offers you.

terzo chakra Plesso Solare


Solar Plexus - the Chakrat del Fuoco


  • Where it is: in the solar plexus

  • Element: fire

  • Main function: will, power, security,

  • Physical dysfunctions: digestive disorders, diabetes, ulcers

  • Glands: pancreas, adrenals

  • Color: aranch

  • Sense: seeta

  • Bija mantra: ram



Manipura - terzo chakra

The Third Chakra is the Solar Plexus or Manipura, which translates to “shining gem”.


This chakra is where self-confidence, identity and personal power are born. Have you ever been in a situation that you knew wasn't right for you? Where did you hear those signals in your body? Most people say they feel these kinds of signals in their "gut". In fact, this is where your personal power resides – in your solar plexus – and you can physically sense that confidence and wisdom that resides there.

Position:the solar plexus begins in the center of the navel and extends down to the breastbone or where the two sets of ribs connect in the center of the chest.
When balanced:when your third chakra is and
balanced, you will feel a sense of wisdom, decisiveness and personal power.

Many call this chakra “the warrior chakra,” as the feeling you get from it is comparable to that of a wise warrior going into battle. It gives you the confidence to win and the wisdomto know the personal truth he is fighting for.

When the csolar plexus hakra is overactive

The chakra of the PThe solar lexus becomes hyperactive when the power we have over our own lives extends to the lives of others. When this chakra is too energetic, you may feel prone to tantrums, feel a need for greater control, and feel greed and a lack of compassion and empathy. You may suffer from digestive problems or even imbalances in internal organs such as the appendix, pancreas, liver and kidneys.

How to balance your tthird chakra

To balance your third chakra, practice opening your heart with love and compassion. Meditate on actions of love and kindness that you could do, towards all those around you. Refocus the power you hold and visualize yourself as a beacon of love.

When the teathird chakra is inactive

When our personal power is taken away from us or another person, we may feel a lack of energy in our tthird chakra. In this case, you may feel indecisive, insecure, shy, and in need of love and attention.

How to energize your third chakra

To energize your Solar Plexus, think about the things you know you are good at. After all, everyone has talents and abilities – make a list of yours. Feel how the confidence building, makes your stomach tingle and vibrate. Empower that feeling.

quarto chakra Cuore


the Heart Chakra


  • Where it is: at heart level, in the center of the chest

  • Element: air

  • Main function: love and affection

  • Physical dysfunctions: heart and lung disorders, blood pressure problems,

  • Gland: thymus

  • Green colour

  • Sense:touch

  • Bija mantra: yam



4 chakra-del-cuore-anahata

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra or Anahata, which translates to "unharmed".


This chakra is where your love, compassion, and kindness are empowered. It is not difficult to understand this chakra.
We all associate our hearts with love, and that is exactly what the fourth chakra represents. This includes love for others and love for yourself which is why this chakra is also associated with health and healing.

Position:the heart chakra center is located right above your heart and radiates down to the sternum and throat. Out of all 7, this is the most central chakra, connecting the upper chakras (the sky) with the lower chakras (the physical world).
When balanced:when your fourth chakra is balanced, you are able to feel love for yourself and others equally. Even when you are having difficult times, you can still see the compassion and kindness in others.

When the cheart hakra is hyperactive

When the Heart chakra becomes overactive, we lose our personal boundaries and start making unhealthy choices, all in the name of love. It's important to treat yourself with the same compassion and kindness you give to others, but when the chakraof the cheart is hyperactive, you may find yourself always putting the needs of others ahead of your own. Symptoms include a rapid heartbeat, palpitations, heartburn, and trouble relating.

How to balance your quarto chakras

Balance your fourth chakrait means taking that love you have given to others and focusing some of it on yourself. And you can, by doing at least one thing each day that's just for you:

  • Take a relaxing bath

  • Treat yourself to a massage

  • Meditate on the love and compassion you could give yourself

When Anahata is inactivevo

Many people have a quunderactive chakra limb. Life can send us a lot of sorrows and heartbreaks as a way of teaching us important lessons about ourselves and the world around us. Sadly, it can be hard not to take those lessons personally. When your heart chakra is inactive, you will find it really hard to get close to anyone. It's like building a wall around your heart and not letting anyone in. Physically, you may feel "detached" from your body and suffer from circulation problems.

How to give energy to yourfourth chakra

Energize your c chakraheart can take a lot therei work. Many of us have worked hard to build those defensive walls and it's not always easy to tear them down. But you can start with loving yourself. Show self-appreciation and give yourself the love you would like others to give you. After that, spread this compassion to those around you.

quinto chakra Gola


Purification -the Throat Chakra


  • Where it is: in the gorge

  • Element: ether, space

  • Main function: creativity and communication

  • Physical dysfunctions: frequent sore throats, dysthyroid disorders, hearing problems and often sore neck

  • Glands: thyroid, parathyroid

  • Light blue

  • Sense: hearing

  • Bija mantra: ham




The Fifth Chakra is the Throat chakra, or Vishuddha, which translates to "very pure".


This chakra gives voice to your personal truths. Where does your voice come from? What gives you the energy to speak? On a physical level, of course, the answer is the throat, but on an energetic level, this energy actually comes from your 5th chakra, which allows you to speak your truth with clarity. Sitting just above your heart, the throat chakra is connected to the compassion and love you have for yourself and for others.

Position:the center of the throat chakra is located right in the center of the neck bone and radiates out towards the heart center, down to the eyes.
When balanced:when your throat chakra is balanced, you will be able to speak clearly with love and kindness, speaking the truth.

In fact, you'll know exactly which words are most appropriate for each situation; speaking to a balanced throat chakra will enlighten and inspire those around you.

When Vishuddha is hyperactive

Our fifth chakra becomes hyperactive when we have spent a lot of time trying to make our voices heard. If in the past you have often felt ignored or invalidated when trying to express yourself, you may have tried to overcome the frustration by "raising your voice". Those with an overactive throat chakra will frequently interrupt others and will often be told that they have a loud voice or that they "like to hear themselves talking." Physically, you may suffer from a sore throat, frequent infections, or mouth ulcers.

How to balance your qhereto chakra

Balance your quinto chakra is easy: just think before you speak. Be inspired by the Buddha – before you say anything, ask yourself: “Is this true? It is necessary? And kind?".

When Vishuddha is inactive

We were ignored and invalidated so much in the past, that we react in the opposite way: we close our voices and never speak our truth. If you have an underactive Throat chakra, you have probably been called shy or quiet often in your life. You may find yourself unable to express your emotions or struggle to speak your mind when trying to speak your truth. Physical symptoms often include digestive problems, because energy diverted from the Throat chakra often ends up being "swallowed" or sent to the Third chakra.

How to energize your chakra throat

Speak your truth! Even when no one is receptive to listening to you, practice expressing your emotions andthe truths when you are alone. It's very common to think that we should only speak when someone else is ready to listen to us, but if you're looking to energize your quint chakra, it doesn't matter if it's received from another ear other than yours.

sesto chakra Terzo Occhio


Third Eye - the chakra of light


  • Where it is: Center of the head

  • Element: light

  • Main function: sight, intuition

  • Physical dysfunctions: vision problems, headaches, sleep problems

  • Glands: pineal (epiphysis)

  • Color: indigo

  • Sense: sight

  • Bija mantra: om



ajna - sesto chakra

The sixth chakra is the Ajna Chakra, or the Third Eye, which translates to "beyond wisdom".


This chakra opens your mind to information beyond the material world and the 5 senses: extrasensory perception, intuition, or psychic energy all come from the third eye.

In reality, there is a small pinecone-shaped gland in your brain that draws light in. This gland, the pineal gland, is responsible for the sleep cycle: it makes us feel awake during the day and sleepy at night. Ancient cultures knew that this third eye existed and realized that it received information from sources that remained external to the five senses.

Position:the third eye center is located between the eyebrows and radiates outward to the mouth to the top of the head.
When balanced:a balanced third eye is a beautiful thing and is really what you are trying to achieve when starting a path of spiritual development. When your Third Eye chakra is balanced, you will feel equally in tune with both the physical and material worlds. You will receive psychic information as frequently as you receive information from your 5 physical senses, but you will not feel overwhelmed by it.

When Ajna is hyperactive

When compared to all 7 chakras,it is very unlikely that your sixth chakra is overactive. Many of us are very in tune with physical reality and find it difficult to receive information outside of it. That said, if you have an overactive Third Eye, you probably spend most of your time immersed in psychic activities such as tarot card readings, astrology, and paranormal experiences. When Ajna is hyperactive, it means that these activities have become so overwhelming that they distract you from having the true human experience.

How to balance your sthis chakra

If you find yourself consumed with psychic information, have some teampo to remind yourself that you are a creature of the Earth. Go to the beach and feel the sand under your fingers dand feet. Dig in the dirt in your garden.
Connect your body to the Earth and

When your chakra dthe third eye is inactive

Many people have an segto inactive chakra. We live in a world that often invalidates intuitive development and, for this very reason, we tend to close our third eye and ignore our psychic experiences. This can make us feel disconnected fromspiritual experiences. Physically, you may experience headaches or have problems with allergies and sinuses.

How to energize your sthis chakra

Energize your tThe third eye will take some practice. You will need to set aside some time for calm and solitary meditation. allIn the beginning, get used to the feeling of focusing on signals outside your body: listen to your spirit and recognize how you feel. As you practice, you will find it easier and easier to connect with the energy of your third eye.

settimo chakra Corona


the Crown Chakra


  • Where it is: top of the head

  • Element: thought

  • Main function: understanding

  • Physical dysfunctions: learning difficulties, confusion, depression

  • Glands: pituitary (pituitary)

  • Color: violet

  • Bija mantra: ah



sahasrara- settimo chakra

The Seventh Chakra is the Crown chakra, or Sahasrara, which translates to "thousand petals."


This chakra represents the pure energy of consciousness. The crown chakra is one of those energies that are difficult to explain. You can think of it like magnetism: when you hold a piece of metal to a magnet, you can feel the energy and the tension, but you can't see it. The energy of consciousness is everywhere and in everything. It connects us to the whole universe. Our personal consciousness is found in the seventh chakra, but it is much more like the seed of a universal energy than something personal or individual.

Color: purple – white

Position:the center of the crown chakra is at the top of the head. It radiates between the eyes and then extends infinitely both upwards and outwards, connecting us to the energy of the rest of the universe.

When balanced:achieving balance of Sahasrara is the goal of every spiritual warrior and it is not easy to do. It's a bit like the concept of Nirvana for Buddhists. Once you achieve it, you are no longer truly human – you have conquered suffering and death. Of course, it is the journey of trying to achieve this balance that brings us happiness, good health and wisdom. Trying to balance your Seventh chakra will align and balance your other chakras as well.

When your ccrown hakra is hyperactive

It is not possible to have a chakra ofcorona hyperactive, thenbecause it is the seat of universal energy, it is innate and infinite. In other words, you cannot exist in the material world and be overwhelmed by the energy of consciousness.

How to balance your sseventh chakra

Since no one has a chakra of the cIf you are hyperactive, you don't need to consider an effective way to calm this energy.

When Sahasrara is inactive

An inactive seventh chakra means you are human. It makes you ifntire exactly like what you are, a human being. Some people may be closer to reaching it, while others may be far away. Either way, practicing spiritual development and balancing the other chakras will bring you closer to experiencing the energy of consciousness in your own chakra.ra of the corona.

How to energize your sAndgreat chakra

Instead of trying to open and activate yourchakra ofcrowned, focus on balancing the other 6 chakras. Meditate and connect with spirit and try to balanceconnect those activities with life, enjoying your human experience. Think of it as yourselftrying to win an Olympic gold medal. You don't just try to win the medal, you train your body first and then your mind. The only way to achieve such a big goal is to focus on small, attainable goals first.



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