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Valter e Ancuta

Hello everyone, let's introduce ourselves


We are Ancuta and Valter, together we have found, through our research, a way to improve our lives and we have discovered that through mandalas we have moved a lot of energy within us and we have understood many things about us, about energies and about life.

So from this passion a real job was born.

From this passion, this research on mandalas, we have come to help many people, and this has become a bit of our mission for us, a mission of the soul.

Those who feel in resonance with our creations are welcomed with the heart, without judgement  and together we choose or create the right mandala for you.

Ourstrong pointlies in the powerread your soulfrom a simple photo and the mandala will be described and interpreted in detail, so that youyou will become more aware and self-confident. 

Our LOVE for one another is like a piece of the universal puzzle that completes the picture of the spiritual earth walk in this lifetime.


My name is Ancuța,

I was born in Iași (Romania) in 1983 and even as a child I was attracted by manual works such as crochet, weaving, painting, the transformation of old objects into modern or vintage objects and all kinds of interesting inventions for the inner world of a child.

My passion for interior design has turned into a real job from which I now earn and live.

I strongly believe that every child should be allowed to express their nature, because a child's talents are born only in freedom, appreciation, support and love.

I have been living in Italy for 12 years and after many attempts to find my place where I can flourish to the fullest, I feel that today I am in a favorable situation from which I can thrive and manifest who I really am.


Since I was a child I loved transforming sadness into joy, old into new, broken into repaired, in short, I've always felt that everything can be transformed as if by magic.


Colors have helped me tremendously to integrate parts of myself that I rejected and now I can say that every color and shape is like a being that communicates with us every day.

In fact, colors are frequencies of light and all these masses in the form of a mandala give rise to cosmic energy forms that expand in our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body.


I create jewelry and paintings with the idea of bringing beauty into your life, through this beauty I actually see the beauty of the soul that is in each of us.


I can create a custom/channeled mandala for you to help you see your inner light in 360 degrees.


Mandalas have radically changed my life for good.


Ancuța Lalau


My name is Valter Giraudi, I was born on 25/07/1971 in Carmagnola in the province of Turin.

I have always been attracted since I was a child by the spiritual world and esoteric symbols and Sacred Geometry, sometimes I was even afraid of them.

Even then I perceived their meaning and their strength, the energy that all these symbols emanated.

For this reason I have not deepened the research and knowledge of this world.

The turning point came in 2003, where I felt a very strong call to this world, I first started reading books, then I approached a spiritual technique, Tethahealing.

A technique that goes to look for any blocks that we have in our unconscious  and to remove them in order to progress on our path.

I first tried it on myself with weekly sessions and, after 1 year, given the benefits it had brought me, I started taking courses to be able to use the technique with people.

And I still use this technique to go  into divine connection when I create, a very useful technique for personalized and channeled creations.

The further turning point, the decisive one, was the meeting with my partner Ancuta Lalau in January    e, since that day, thanks to her support, I have developed more and more my ability and knowledge of this world, the spiritual and the symbols of Sacred Geometry.

Welcome to  Light of the Mandalas

Walter Giraudi

How about getting to know us better?

Here you can find many videos that we have made to talk about us and to present our creations.

We are waiting for you!!!

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