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The second chakra and its main characteristics: Svadhishtana
Orange colour
Associated element: water
Sense: taste
Symbol: 6 petal lotus
Basic principle: reproductive system of being
Physical Correlates: Pelvic girdle, reproductive organs, kidneys, and bladder. All liquids such as blood, lymph, gastric juices and spenna.
Related organs: gonats, ovaries, prostate, testicles. The function of the gonads consists in the manifestation of male and female sexual characteristics, as well as in the regulation of the menstrual cycle in women.
Astrological signs and associated planets: 
Cancer/Moon: richness of feelings, receptivity, fruitfulness.
Libra/Venus: attention to one's ego, relationships based on friendship. Sexuality, creativity.
Scorpio/Pluto: sexual charge, transformation of personality through abandonment of one's ego in sexual union.
Functions of Svadhishtana chakra
This chakra is connected to the water element which is the origin of all existing life forms and corresponds to the emotional sphere. Fertilized water continually produces new life. It is often regarded as the actual seat of Shakti, the feminine aspect of God in the form of creative energy. Both the male reproductive organs, which possess within them the capacity to generate new life, fall within its sphere of pertinence; and the female organs, where the growing being is nourished, protected, supplied with everything necessary for its development. The water element cleanses, purifies, eliminates and dissolves all blockages that impede the flow of life. On the physical level, all this is highlighted by the purifying functions of both the kidneys and the bladder, while on the spiritual level it manifests itself in the form of feelings expressed, in an immediate and free form, which allow us to look at life as something always new. Our interpersonal relationships, especially those with the opposite sex, are strongly influenced by the second chakra. The multiple expressions of eros are within its sphere of influence, as is the desire to let go of the limitations of the ego and experience a greater sense of wholeness in sexual union.

Svadhishtana means wheel of sweetness. It is located in the spine at the height of the sexual organs. Nerves radiating from this center feed the reproductive system. Natural positive qualities of Svadhishtana chakra: flexibility, openness, willingness, ability to adapt to others and life, harmony, creativity, ability to let things flow and non-attachment, ability to change oneself, one's opinions or way of life, flowing with grace, an open and fluid mind. Distorted Qualities: Lack of substance, inability to make or stick to decisions, resistance to discipline, inability to take sides, lack of discrimination, fickleness, lack of steadfastness of purpose, unreliability, being a butterfly in life. Think about the importance of this chakra: if a person is deficient in this element can it flow with life? What happens if you can't adapt to change, if you can't harmonize with others and with life, if you can't let things go without attachment? people with an unbalanced second chakra suffer terribly.Svadhistana chakra: Harmonious functioningThe harmonious functioning of the open second chakra manifests itself in the natural flow of life and feelings; you open yourself to others, especially to individuals of the opposite sex by behaving spontaneously… When the sacral chakra is functioning harmoniously, you feel the flow of vital energy throughout your body flooding your soul and mind. It is thanks to this flow that you will feel profoundly happy to be part of creation and life will continually fill you with enthusiasm and amazement. Your feelings are spontaneous, immediate and your actions are creative. The latter stimulate not only your own life, but also the lives of others.Disharmonious functioningDisharmonious functioning of the Svadhistana chakra most often occurs during the period of puberty. The awakening of sexual energies causes a condition of uncertainty. Not only parents, but educators themselves are rarely able to teach young people how to make the best use of these energies. Often there was a lack of tenderness and body contact in early childhood. Condition that can subsequently lead to a denial or rejection of sexuality. As a consequence there is the inability to spontaneously express the creative potential of sexuality, whose energies can only manifest themselves in improper ways, often with excessive sexual fantasies or with the repression of sexual desire which ends up, from time to time, by exploding . It could even happen that you experience your sexuality as a drug. In this case, the creative potential linked to sexuality is wasted and misdirected. In both cases there is uncertainty and tension in relations with the opposite sex. Your sensuality is crude and one tends to place excessive importance on the satisfaction of one's sexual desire. More simply, we live in the constant search for a fulfilling sexual relationship without being aware of the fact that the reason why we are unable to obtain this satisfaction is found within ourselves. Poor functioning If you have suffered from lack of sexual stimulation below form of caresses, physical contact, tenderness and affection in childhood. As a result, you had to repress your feelings in this area and then ended up retracting the antennae, receptors of sensual messages. During puberty you completely blocked your sexual energies just as they were about to develop. The result of this "successful" repression will be a lack of self-esteem, emotional paralysis, and sexual frigidity. Then, life will seem awful to you and you will feel that it is not important to live it. Methods to activate and cleanse the first chakra Experiencing nature Experiencing nature Moonlight, contemplating or even touching the clear waters outdoors stimulate the second chakra . The moon, especially when it is full, awakens our emotional sphere making it receptive to messages from our soul: messages that are revealed to us through dreams and imagination. The peaceful contemplation of a clear and natural body of water, or maybe a dive or even a few simple sips, drunk directly from the source, will help us cleanse and revitalize our soul, freeing it from emotional blockages and traffic jams. Then, our life force will once again move within us in a fluid way. If we are able to combine the contemplation of the moon with contact with water, the effect on the second chakra will be extraordinary.


  • DIAMETRO  :  10 cm

    MATERIALE  :  legno ,compreso supporto

    COLORI  :  acrilici

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