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What does ABUNDANCE mean to me?

For me abundance means:

spiritual awakening that is a connection with a deep part of you
having respect for the energy of money, not seeing it dirty or as a necessity but as an instrument of growth on a material level;

comfort, pleasure, relaxation, discretion, elegance, education, common sense,
knowing how to respect the work of others and value the work of others, self-esteem,
a good relationship with your body and with your partner, clear and wise communication, calm.

The Sri Yantra is a mandala that represents a sacred "enclosure" that contains symbolic meanings that connect everything that exists and that helps to reach higher levels of consciousness, a yantra is usually used to remind our consciousness of certain types of energy that govern the our way of behaving in life so as to help us get closer to our higher self.

How does the yantra mandala work?
When we focus on a yantra mandala, the mind begins to resonate with the energy connected to the representation of the yantra. Like the songs that resonate in the mind, the symbols and attributes will also resonate in the mind of the user of the yantra so that it is filled with the energy of its representation.
Also known as the Cosmic Yantra, . The Sri Yantra is a symbol of Tripurasundari, the supreme goddess of the tantric sect of the Shri Vidyas.
The Shri Vidya is the symbol (yantra) of nine intersecting triangles within a "circle" or lotus, and is a dynamic interpretation of feminine energy vibrantly intersecting with masculine energy.
Recent studies claim to recognize the sri yantra design in the enlarged nucleus of human DNA.

Sry Yantra - Symbol of Abundance


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