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The seventh chakra and its main characteristics: Sahasrara

Color Sahasrara: purple or, also, white and gold
Symbol: 1000-petalled lotus
Basic principle: the absolute purity of Being
Related parts of the body: the brain
Associated glands: pineal gland (epiphysis)

Sahastrara chakra

The crown chakra, seat of the highest human perfection, is often depicted as towering overhead. It shines with all the colors of the rainbow, but the predominant color is purple. The outer flower of this chakra has 960 petals. Inside we find a second flower with 12 petals shining with white light mixed with golden luminescence.

Just as all the colors of the spectrum merge into a colorless light, in the same way, the highest chakra brings together all the energies of the lower centers. In fact, this chakra is the origin and starting point for the manifestation of the energies of all the other chakras. Here we are connected with the sphere of Being which encompasses all unmanifested forms and characteristics. This is the place where we feel at home. From this place we once started our journey towards life and we will always return here at the end of our evolution. It is here that we live and experience oneness with the Divine primal principle of which we are all a part and it is here that our personal energy field becomes one with the universe. Everything, which we have intuitively and subsequently understood on an intellectual level, is now transformed into the most complete understanding. The awareness that comes to us from the seventh chakra is far beyond the knowledge that comes from the third eye chakra. Indeed, now we are no longer separated from the object of our perception, but we experience the most different expressions of Creation, so for example we experience our own bodies as a comedy of the _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_divine awareness of which we are the actors.

This chakra is reached through the agya chakra, which acts as its representative on earth.  This chakra leads us to samadhi (union) to cosmic union. Its element, according to Yogananda, is the ether of bliss, or cosmic consciousness. The bliss of the soul is the goal of yoga practices. It manifests itself gradually as we work with the chakras.

Sahasrara chakra: Harmonious functioning

There are no real blocks in the seventh chakra. It can only happen that this center has developed to a greater or lesser extent. As your crown chakra begins to open, you will experience moments where the divide between your inner self and the outer reality that forms the backdrop is increasingly blurred. Your awareness becomes complete, serene, open, and your true self will appear to you as part of the pure and omnipresent Being that encompasses all matter.

As the crown chakra develops further, these moments occur with increasing frequency until they become a permanent reality. If your ego is already ready for the last step towards enlightenment, it could also happen suddenly. You will feel as if you have just woken up from a long sleep and have finally started to really live. There will be no more setbacks in your development. You have transformed yourself into an empty vessel, the cavity of which is filled by the Divine Being to the brim. You will then understand that you have found your true self: the only permanent reality. Your individual self has transformed into a universal Ego.

With your behavior you will be able to translate the actions and purposes of the Creator into reality and the light you emanate will open the hearts of those who are already ready for the presence of the Divine. If you want to know anything, you just have to direct your attention to that particular subject. Thanks to your being in communion with the Divine Being, everything will already be present within you. Creation will become a game that takes place within your infinite awareness. You will then understand that matter is nothing but a manifestation of thought in Divine awareness and that in reality it "does not exist" as such. Everything you have accepted up to now as real becomes an illusion. You will experience total emptiness. But this emptiness will coincide with the greatest fullness, as it is nothing but life in its purest essence. And this divine essence is pure bliss…

Disharmonious operation o insufficient

As we have seen, the opening and harmonization processes of all the chakras described so far can provide us with an enormous amount of knowledge, experience and skills. However, without the crown chakra opening, we will feel cut off from a sense of well-being, of wholeness, and will never be completely immune to fears. And it is precisely this fear that continually causes residual blockages within the chakras. Individual energies, not being able to utilize the full range of their possibilities, cannot vibrate in complete harmony with "the dance of creation", nor be in tune with each other. If, during the years in which the crown center could develop (every 7 years we do a path on the 7 chakras), you have not made yourself accessible to spiritual truths, you may experience feelings of uncertainty and emptiness during this period.

We should therefore interpret these sensations as a suggestion to look more frequently within ourselves. Life could appear meaningless to us and the fear of death would become more: pressing. We will probably try to repress these annoying sensations by taking refuge in frenetic activities or even taking on new responsibilities to feel indispensable. Very often people who find themselves in these conditions get sick, so they are forced to rest. If we neglect these messages, we could find ourselves involved in a superficial existence and therefore prevent the potential of our ego from fully developing.


  • Wooden square of 10 cm in diameter, professional acrylic colors, protective acrylic paint, painted wooden stand included.

    The colors used are : deep purple , lilac , glitter purple , gold , glitter white

    Ideal for: holistic treatments, meditation,  medical studies, for the home, indicated in the bedroom, gift.

    it is recommended to light a natural candle near the picture

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