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The sixth chakra and its main characteristics: Ajna

Color Ajna: indigo, but also yellow and purple
Senses: all senses including extrasensory perceptions
Symbol: 96 petal lotus
Basic principle: knowledge of being
Matching body parts: face, eyes, ears, nose, cerebellum, frontal sinuses, central nervous system
Related organ: pituitary gland (hypophysis). The pituitary gland has been defined as "the master gland" because its secretory activities regulate the functions of the other glands. As the director coordinates the instruments that make up an orchestra, this gland regulates the harmonic interaction of all the others.

Ajna chakra

Anja gives us the ability to materialize or dematerialize matter, the ability to create new realities on the physical plane by eliminating old ones. As a rule, this process occurs automatically and without conscious efforts on our part. Many of the decisive thoughts in our lives are determined by unresolved emotional conflicts, influenced by our opinions by prejudices, including those of others. For this reason, our mind is not the master, but often a slave to thoughts weighed down by emotion, thoughts that sometimes end up dominating us. These thoughts also manifest in our lives since what we perceive and experience externally is nothing more than an expression of our subjective reality. Developing our awareness and by opening the third eye more and more, we will be able to control this process with greater awareness. Our imagination will be able to produce the energy needed to make our wishes come true. When the heart chakra is open and in conjunction with the third eye chakra, we can transmit our healing energies both near and far.

Anja chakra: Harmonious functioning

If the third eye is partially open and functioning harmoniously, you probably have a highly developed visualization ability and the ability to intuit many things immediately. Our mind is stable and at the same time open to mystical truths.

We then become aware that the world of appearances is nothing more than an allegory, only a symbol of a spiritual principle manifesting itself on the physical plane. Idealism and fantasy are the keynotes of our way of thinking. You have probably noticed that from time to time your thoughts and intuitions have come true. Your intuition and inner vision will allow you access to all subtle planes of reality. Thus you will realize that between the plane of physical reality and that of pure Being, there are an infinite number of worlds inhabited by a huge variety of life forms.

The multi-faceted drama that is creation will take shape before your inner eye and then it will seem that there is no limit to the ever changing new forms and levels of reality. The sight, then, of this divine "dance of creation" will fill you with profound wonder.

Disharmonious functioning

The most frequent consequence of the malfunctioning of the sixth chakra is given by a "heaviness in the head". Your life is governed almost exclusively by your mind and intellect. You may be subject, with some ease, to forms of intellectual arrogance. The only realities you accept are those that the mind can comprehend or that can only be demonstrated and proven by scientific methods. Reject spiritual insights as impossible, as unscientific. An additional effect of the malfunctioning third eye chakra is that you may attempt to influence humans and events by the force of your will, simply to demonstrate your power or to satisfy your personal needs. In this case, generally, the solar plexus is also unbalanced and the chakras, both the heart and the crown, will have developed to a modest degree. If your third eye, despite the blocks, is open relatively widely, even if your goals are contrary to the natural flow of life, you may succeed in what you undertake. But sooner or later you will be subject to a sense of isolation and that much-needed fulfillment will not be long-lasting.

Insufficient operation

Our lives will be dominated by material desires, physical needs, and uncontrolled emotions. We will therefore consider that spiritual discussions and reflections are only a tiring waste of time and we will reject spiritual truths as the result of foolish yearnings, devoid of practical use. Our reasoning will conform to the current opinions of the majority. We will easily lose our minds in the most challenging situations. We will also probably be somewhat forgetful. Our vision will be disturbed, a consequence that frequently occurs in cases of inadequate functioning of the sixth chakra. We should look within ourselves much more carefully and try to know those aspects that lie beneath the surface.



  • Wooden square of 10 cm in diameter, professional acrylic colors, protective acrylic paint, painted wooden stand included.

    The colors used are: indigo , lilac, purple glitter, gold, white glitter

    Ideal for: holistic treatments, meditation,  medical studies, for the home, indicated in the bedroom, gift.

    it is recommended to light a natural candle near the picture

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