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Throat and Communication Chakra

- Location: The fifth chakra is located between the hollow of the neck and the larynx. It is located at the height of the cervical vertebra and opens to the front

- Color: Light Blue, Silvery Blue, Light Green Blue

- Element: ether

- Sense: hearing

- Principle: the resonance of being

- Body parts: neck, throat and jaw, ears, voice, trachea, bronchi, upper lungs, esophagus and arms

- Organs: thyroid. The thyroid gland plays a major role in the development of the skeleton and internal organs and regulates the balance between physical and spiritual development. Through our metabolism it regulates the speed and modality of transformation of food into energy. Controls iodine metabolism and calcium level in blood and tissues

Tip: Go beyond the white sphere without fear and breathe deeply.



  • Wooden square of 10 cm in diameter, professional acrylic colors, protective acrylic paint, painted wooden stand included.

    The colors used are: blue  , blue glitter, gold, white glitter

    Ideal for: holistic treatments, meditation,   medical studies, for the home, indicated in living room or library living room or library 136bad5cf58d_, gift .

    it is recommended to light a natural candle near the picture

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