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The fourth chakra and its main characteristics: Anahata
Color Anahata: green, but also pink and gold
Associated element: air
Sense: touch
Symbol: 12 petal lotus
Basic principle: devotion and surrender
Related Body Parts: Heart, upper back including chest and chest cavity, lower lungs, blood, bloodstream, epidermis.
Anahat Chakra
The heart chakra, Anahata chakra, is the center of the entire chakra system. It connects the three lower centers, physical and emotional, to the three higher centers, mental and spiritual. The hexagon, which is its symbol, clearly shows how the energies of the three lower and three upper chakras mutually interpenetrate each other. This reveals the flexibility of the heart, the ability to establish relationships, its predisposition to emotion and, at the same time, the ability to resonate with everything.

From this comes our ability to empathize and sympathize with others, to tune into and commune with the cosmic vibrations. Also through this energy center we are able to grasp the beauty of nature as well as that sense of harmony that exists in music, visual arts and poetry. It is in the fourth chakra that images, sounds and words are transformed into feelings. The goal of the fourth chakra is the attainment of perfect union through love. Any search for deep and intimate relationships, unity, harmony and love are expressed by the heart chakra, even when these feelings come to us in the form of suffering, pain, fear of detachment or loss of affection.

Anahata chakra, when it is in its natural condition, i.e. completely open, is the center of true and unconditional love: love which, finding its reason for existing in itself, can therefore neither be possessed nor lost. When this love is connected with the superior centers it transforms into Bhackti, Divine Love, which makes us aware of the Supreme presence in all creation and which, through the heart, leads us to union with all parts of the Universe. In the course of its development, in order to reach this goal, our heart will have to learn to love, understand and accept our own personality: acceptance which is the prerequisite for saying "yes" to others and to life in general...


  • DIAMETRO  :  10 cm

    MATERIALE  :  legno ,compreso supporto

    COLORI  :  acrilici

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