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The first chakra and its main characteristics

Color: An active first chakra glows bright red
Associated element: earth
Sense: smell
Symbol: 4 petal lotus
Underlying principle: physical desire to exist (as opposed to the seventh chakra spiritual will to be).
Connected body parts: all solid parts such as spine, bones, teeth and nails. Anus, rectum, colon, prostate. Blood and cell formation.
Associated glands: the adrenals.
The adrenal glands produce adrenaline and noradrenaline, whose function is to adjust the blood circulation to our needs by regulating blood flow. In this way our body is able to react promptly to different needs. In addition, the adrenal glands play a key role in regulating our body temperature.
Astrological signs and related planets:
Aries/Mars: new beginning, primordial life energy, ability to express aggression.
Taurus: connection to the earth, stability, possession, sexual pleasure.

Functions of the first chakra

The first chakra Muladhara chakra, also called the root center, the base chakra or the coccyx center. Purpose of the first chakra: The first chakra connects us to the physical world. By transmitting the same cosmic energies On the physical level the earth allows these earth energies to reach our subtle structure. It is here that we come into contact with the spirit of mother earth and are able to feel all her primordial strength, her love and her patience. The primary needs, both individual and general, from the life of the individual and for his survival on this planet fall within the sphere of influence of the first chakra. Those who manage to open the first chakra will accept their life on earth in its entirety, will say yes to their physical existence and will be willing to live and act in harmony with the forces of nature from which they will draw useful lessons. Since the first chakra is combined with the earth element, its color will be red, the red of energy and activity that springs from the innermost recess of our planet. This energy provides us with the material stability of the solid ground upon which we can build our lives. At the same time it gives us the energy needed for a certain creative self-expression. It also gives us the ability to be constructive and to achieve positive results. The ability to create one's own existence, to obtain material security and to ensure the survival of the species through the formation of a family, as well as sexual activity, understood as a physical function and a means to procreate children, are all things that belong to the sphere of influence of the first chakra. The first chakra forms the vital foundation of all higher chakras and is the source of life force. Here we come into contact with the inexhaustible reservoir of Kundalini energy. Sushumna, Ida and Pingala, the three main energy channels of the human body, also originate from this chakra. Like the heart for the body, the first chakra is the center of the cycles from which our system of subtle energies begins. It is through this chakra that the knowledge stored in the collective unconscious can become accessible. In order to maintain its inner balance, the first chakra should always work in harmony with the seventh chakra.

Muladhara chakra: Disharmonious functioning

If your first chakra doesn't work well or becomes unbalanced, your thoughts, your actions will focus mainly on material possessions, security, you will be subject to sexual weaknesses and you will be inclined to exceed good food, alcohol and sex . You will want to own everything you want without considering the possible consequences. At the same time, you will find it quite difficult to give freely and to take freely. You will have a distinct tendency to keep distance and safety. Physically, the inability to let go and the desire to possess often manifest themselves in the form of constipation and overweight.

Your behaviors mainly revolve around the need to satisfy your personal needs and, unconsciously, you will neglect or ignore the needs of others, as well as you will not be able to give your body healthy and moderate nourishment, satisfying rest and a harmonious lifestyle. In extreme cases you may become attached to certain habits or forms of lust from which you will never be able to free yourself. If your tendencies are hindered by people or situations, you can easily become irritated, ill-tempered and sometimes even furious and aggressive. Violence in your attitudes or in expressing your will is another symptom of a disturbed root chakra. Ultimately anger, rage and violence are only defensive mechanisms that indicate a lack of primordial trust. Behind this mechanism there is always, as the main reason, the fear of losing that something that gives you security and an essential sense of well-being. For you, the earth is a place to be conquered and exploited under the pretext of ensuring the survival of mankind. Therefore, the current exploitation of natural resources and the destruction of the natural balance in our planet are all symptoms of the unbalanced functioning of the first chakra in the majority of the population.

Insufficient operation

If your first chakra is blocked or closed, your physical condition will be weak and you will lack physical and emotional stamina. There will be so many things that will give you worries in life, so feelings of insecurity will also be very familiar to you. You may also feel that you have lost your footing or that you are floating in the void and not fully "present to yourself." It may be difficult for you to deal with everyday life issues. Very often you lack the persistence and ability to get things done. Many times life in this world will appear to you as an unbearable burden rather than a pleasure and, most of the time, you will dream of easier, more pleasant, less tiring living conditions.

If your upper chakras have developed to the detriment of the lower ones, the feeling that you do not fully belong to this world could indicate a situation of deficiency at the level of the first chakra. If both your sacral and solar plexus chakras are blocked, you could suffer from anorexia since you will hardly be able to absorb part of the necessary elementary life force through the first chakra: your desire to escape is the typical symptom. You will feel overwhelmed by the problems of everyday life until you learn to accept them as stepping stones on your path to holistic development.

Methods for activating and cleaning the first chakra

Experience nature

The contemplation of a red rising or setting sun, or a bright twilight enlivens and harmonizes the first chakra by expanding the narrow structures within its sphere. To be able to get in touch, through the first chakra, with the comfortable revitalizing and stabilizing energy of our planet, sit down on the ground, in the lotus position, and breathe the fragrance of the air with awareness. If you are able to combine these two natural experiences, you will get excellent results on your first chakra.


  • DIAMETRO  :  10 cm

    MATERIALE  :  legno ,compreso supporto

    COLORI  :  acrilici

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